Jessica Western collecting data in a field

Big Goose Creek Resolutions offers an approach to collaborative problem-solving through assessments, strategic planning, design, facilitation, documentation, mediation and training.

My collaborative learning and consensus-building techniques turn complex and contentious natural resource issues into productive networks of informed stakeholders. Using my social psychological, policy and ecological background, I enable diverse groups of interests to unravel complexity and build consensus around solutions.

This approach helps organizations and individuals avoid costly reactive problem solving. It also optimizes value by leveraging resources through enhanced relationships.

I have extensive natural resource experience, creating progress towards resolution. I work with groups large and small, regional, statewide, multi-state and local.

Wondering about the name? Big Goose Creek is the watershed in which I live.  It is important to me for many reasons, just as the places where you work and live are important to you.

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